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Moseley-Dickinson Academy of Real Estate Course Details

Online Courses

For some of our students, classroom is just not an option. Maybe you're in a remote area. Maybe you're renewing your license and waited until the last minute. There are two "homestudy" options available for our courses: written or online.

Written Courses
Written homestudy is also called "correspondence." We will send you the textbooks, and all the instructions. There's no course timer; you complete the course at your own pace. Then, when you're ready, we'll administer a proctored, final exam that must be done within one year. Some choose to come to our office to take their exam; others will have a proctor administer it. For pre-license education for those hoping to obtain a real estate license, there are three important advantages of written homestudy over online. First, because you receive textbooks, you can keep these and use them AFTER you've completed your course, as study aids to prepare for the PSI licensing exam. Second, if you change your mind after purchase, and decide you prefer classroom, you can transfer at no charge to classroom (within one year). This is not possible with online education. And third, if you purchase our Platinum package, then our famous 3-day Exam prep course is included at no additional charge, a $160.00 value! For continuing education, we send you the books for the course (s) you've selected, you work at your own pace and, when finished, return your answer key for grading. For a small additional fee, we even offer same-day service!

Online Courses
Some prefer the online education experience. Here, you proceed thru the course, with each section timed to ensure that the minimum number of 50-minute hours are spent on the course. The online course notifies us when you have successfully completed; you can then contact us to schedule an in-person or proctored final exam for pre-licensure courses. For continuing education, when you've completed the course, we report your completion to the Real Estate Board!

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